Wecosign Inc. Frank & Tara Jakubaitis Long Beach California Review


Wecosign nPosted: 2012-10-05 by n Valerie Withers ON COMPLAINTSBOARD.COM nI got no shares, no money, no interest nComplaint Rating: nContact information: nWecosign nUnited States nI am writing this complaint in order to warn the people who ndont know still that Wecosign is fraud and scam. Being elderly woman I ndecided to make an investment because I wanted to leave smth after me nfor my children. They never paid me back. I got no shares, no money, no ninterest. nAS EVERYONE CAN SEE, THIS IS NOT A “NAMELESS POSTING.”” MRS. VALERIE nWITHERS AS AN ELDERLY WOMAN DOESN’T MIND STATING HER NAME SINCE SHE KNOWS THAT FRANK JAKUBAITIS IS A CROOK AND DOESN’T CARE WHAT HE THINKS. THIS IS AN EXAMPLE OF DOZENS OF OTHER INVESTORS WHO HAD THEIR MONEY STOLEN FROM JAKUBAITIS SO HE COULD BUY LUXURY YACHTS AND A 500 SL MERCEDES. ALL FRANK AND TARA DO IS DENY THESE ACCUSATIONS EVEN THOUGH PEOPLE LIKE VALERIE COME FORWARD AND SIGN THEIR NAME TO THE COMPLAINT. AN INVESTIGATIVE REPORT ON FRANK & TARAS BEST KEPT SECRETSUNTIL NOW THE INCESTUOUS RELATIONSHIP BETWEEN THE BANK ACCOUNTS nOF TARA PACIFIC INC


ORGANIZED EYE AND FRANK & TARAS n PERSONAL ACCOUNTS DEMONSTRATING A COMINGLING OF FUNDS & EMBEZZLEMENT nI would like to bring to nyour attention recently uncovered documents which are all public record at the Central nJustice Center Orange County Court in Santa Ana that blatantly contradict nFranks own words in his shareholder letter dated January

2012. In Franks nwords

Tara Pacific Inc. was and is a ncorporation formed to house another private business venture of mine

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