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Complaint: Formaly known as AAACBA, Datsyn, and various other names. Their latest company webneeds.net is also their latest scam to relieve people of their hard-earned cash. These two are well-known scam artists who have been arrested and jailed in the past, have been struck off business registers in various countries for theft (see opencorporates.com/companies/nz/1562108), and have made dozens of fictitious websites to fool unsuspecting customers. Their news websites allow abusive and malicious content to spread like a disease. Further investigation has revealed that the owner/owners ( Anna Pollok / Beata Pollok / Beata Piktel and Michel Nilles are frauds who are hiding out in the Philippines with warrants for their arrests in three countries. Do not trust any business they run. Do not do business with them altogether. Please www.ripoffscams.com/r/DatSyn-AAACBC/internet/DatSyn-AAACBC-Michel-Nilles-Anna-Pollok-Liar-Company-Liar-People-Using-Several-Nam-1051299 datsyn.pissedconsumer.com/product/business/tag/anna-pollok.html Scam, scam scam

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Address: Internet USA

Website: www.webneeds.net/


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