WaterMine Review: A Gut-Wrenching Ponzi Scheme


WaterMine is an investment platform that claims it is dealing with crypto mining and trading services. It allegedly uses low mining power. Therefore, their customers enjoy low fees. The company uses efficient methods. They also have multiple mining plans for clients.

The mining firm also has 4 referral programs for investors. The lucrative bonuses are huge and attractive. Once you come across individuals promoting this firm, be wary of them. The marketers of this entity are dedicated to promoting their business.

WaterMine.io Review, WaterMine Company

WaterMine lacks all aspects of a great investment entity. There is no evidence that the broker can generate income. The company is not mining. Just like all other Ponzi schemes invading the industry, the firm projects having the best team.

Nonetheless, they fail to shows us who the professionals they are praising are. We believe that this is another ploy to get more victims. The platform does not even discuss the technique it is using to mine. We don’t know the location of their mining farms, the electric fee, and other mining charges.

A legit and transparent crypto mining entity discloses all the essential information that helps them win trust of investors. They also have results to prove their performance. The platform will help you earn passive income.

WaterMine.io Review

Cryptocurrency is one of the many ways that you can utilize to generate an income. You can either mine or trade. Additionally, you can use top digital currency exchanges to trade. You can exploit the volatility nature of the cryptos.

WaterMine allegedly uses the latest technology to mine. They only guarantee high returns to their clients. The registration process takes a minute. Clients also need to select the Hashpower option to invest. The more power you buy, the high the coins you shall get.

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Furthermore, the benefits are outsourced daily. The least payout is $1 daily, which is still a lot than what the best crypto mining companies provides. It shows the ambiguity of this shady platform. It is unfortunate that you won’t yield any benefits from the Ponzi scheme.

WaterMine was established in July 2020, yet they claim to be in existence from August on the website. Their statistics also show they do not have many members. Nonetheless, the company projects big figures of withdrawal and deposits.

It is uncertain whether clients are earning because we are yet to see evidence of payout. We suggest you stay away from the murky business for the sake of your safety. There are multiple better options in the world.

Who is the Founder of WaterMine

WaterMine is a company that thrives on anonymity. The scammers who are behind this fraud are good at concealing their identity. They won’t blow up their cover by revealing their location or faces. It serves them well to fulfill their desire.

Lest assured that the founder and sales representatives would swindle you all your savings, the legit platforms in the market are transparent. You will sleep sound knowing experts are handling your money.

Clients Reviews

There are over 2K customer reviews in Trustpilot praising this company. The majority of clients praise the broker for being excellent. The withdrawal process is apparently swift. The individuals advise those that are having problems cashing out to follow tutorials on YouTube.

WaterMine is a life-changing entity that delivers the promised results. Sadly, they forget to post their proof of payment. We also read up that support can be reached via email. Those who leave a five-star rating proclaim that those who don’t understand how blockchain works leave negative reviews.

If there is, anything to note is that blockchain technology assists payments to be instantaneous. Therefore, it is a false alarm for the marketers to defend the WaterMine system claiming the volatility leads to delay.

However, there are also several negative testimonials. Clients are reposting delays of deposits and withdrawal. Moreover, the customer support is also not competent.  The Ponzi scheme will soon leave the market. We do not know the timing, but eventually, this venture shall cease from existing.

WaterMine is a pyramid scheme that is not trading or mining. Avoid uncertainty by dealing with legit and genuine platforms. If you want, a game-changer firm then looks for the one that can provide their results to the public.

Customer Support and Contact Details

WaterMine is a platform that purports its point of operation is in the UK. The company even features its address. Unfortunately, we have encountered several scammers in the industry. They generate random addresses and make it appear as if they are operating in a reputable area.

However, scammers would never risk their safety by blowing up their cover. The moment they disclose their location, the authority will hunt them down. They shall be prosecuted for offering illegal services.

You won’t get professional customer services from this company. The platform only features an email address. Them not having a phone number eliminates the possibility of clients disturbing them. The firm is a nasty scheme that leaves no traces behind.

Regulation and Registration

WaterMine has a registration form on its website. Sadly, this document does not mean anything in terms of legitimacy. Since the venture is operating from the UK, it ought to have a license from the FCA. We decided to check on the stringent financial watchdog database but didn’t find the broker.

WaterMine.io Review, WaterMine Registration form

Therefore, we write this with confidence that the company is an outlaw. Once the fraudsters running the venture decide to exit, the market there is nothing that you will do. The firm will leave you devastated, high, and dry.

WaterMine does not have a compensation scheme. Moreover, they also do not segregate funds. This puts your cash at greater risk because there is nothing that you can do once the organization uses the money for their selfish needs. The venture also states it has licensed but fails to disclose from which financial bodies. This is nothing but another false claim.

The Domain Insight

The registration of WaterMine.io took place in July 2020. The company aims to be in the industry for two years. At least, unlike most scammers that have registration of one year, this one has beaten the odds. However, this is not an assurance that they cannot exit the industry prematurely.

You cannot be certain with Ponzi schemes. Furthermore, the information of the founder is inaccessible to the public. It is hence unwise to trust them with your information. The majority of their clients are coming from Venezuela, Sudan, and Russia.

 Final Verdict

Not in our sound mind would we recommend WaterMine to the public. The platform is a fraud that falsely promises up to 2.6% returns daily. With these kinds of lucrative, everybody would parade on their website. Unfortunately, this is not the case as even the traffic visiting this website is low.

The company additionally has a referral program. They urge investors to utilize the opportunity and generate more funds. The services that the venture is offering require them to have a license. Nonetheless, the firm is an outlaw that does not care to operate legally.

Investors should not waste time with this dirty Ponzi scheme. There are multiple trustworthy crypto mining companies. Moreover, there are also top digital currency exchanges that are genuine and trade with favorable leverage. Invest with them today and revolutionize your investment.

Does WaterMine have a license?

Unfortunately, the broker is operating illegally.

What is the location of WaterMine?

The company is operating anonymously. Their real location remains unknown.

Does WaterMine offer fund safety?

No. The company displays several red flags. Your information and money are at high risk.

Does WaterMine offer the best customer support services?

No. The company being a scam will only respond when it is convenient for them.

Are investors making money with WaterMine company?

No. There is no proof of payment from any of their customers.

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  • Unfortunately, your information is not true, I been on the waterline for 6 weeks, and I can deposit, withdraw and do everything they say they allow without issues. Life is always going to open opportunities, every cryptocurrency wallet is 3rd party and can close anytime, as people can lose money daily as those online wallets do show anything but trading and security, thus waterline does the same thing. I love taking my 3500 out weekly as it’s a fact I get mine. So thanks for expressing your concerns and language as all your doing is promoting the process. As now people can do their own mining at home with their own computers. There are so many Scams in the world and US, watermine is great now, might not be great later but I know a few people who are making millions of watermine and not complaining.


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