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On Nov 3 2010 my Avantapure water softener was installed at my home Brandon FL 33510. My complaint is multi-pointed. Issue: Due to the water softener in about 30 days my wife became allergic with splotchy rash/swelling/itchy all over her body. The dermatologist did a biopsy and found a contact dermatitis “allergy””. She was given a 3 step treatment treatment then became better; until her treatment stopped. Only by not using the water

does her rash / allergy get any better. Right now she is in pain due to this water softener system. I spoke with Tony at 407-641-4208 and informed him I needed to return the system

my wife is allergic to it and she is in pain. He told me he would call the “”owners of the company.”” The response to my complaint was to increase the hardness of the water softener so she might somehow get better and he could not do a whole lot because I already “”owned it now.”” This is an unacceptable response because she is allergic to something in the system and degrading the water softener function is counter-productive to the point of owning one. I have pictures of my wife’s skin I would like to submit for my complaint. I would like the purchase price of 5245 to be refunded to the credit company that holds the account and it off my credit. I was contacted on 17 January 2011 by Jeff Stanfield presenting himself as co-owner of the company. Company referenced in this report is Water Equipment Technologies

Inc. of Florida and will be referenced further as “”the company.”” I gave Mr. Stanfield a background on my case concerning my wife’s allergic reaction to the water softener. Mr. Stanfield was very defensive in nature in discussing this case. I informed him of my wife’s suffering due to being allergic reaction to the water softener and the steps we took in eliminating any possible allergens and need for medical care and appointments in explaining why we have had the water softener for 70 days before filling our claim for refund. Mr. Stanfield wanted this medical documentation of my wife’s biopsy report faxed to him personally. I feel due to the confidential nature of medical records these should only be released going through the proper channels; and should only be considered if litigation is involved. On Friday 14 Jan 2011 a service call to our home was made to raise the harness of the water softener because the company felt it would help my wife’s allergic condition. This did not help her condition and using the water softener only made her condition worse with blisters on her hands and body. On many points this is unacceptable. The company is not a doctor and they are offering advice on fixing a medical condition. Secondly decreasing the softening of the water system is counterproductive to owning one. Jeff offered to replace the current system with a different model my wife might not be allergic to but without the option to return the current one and review and consider purchasing this other system he mentioned. Does this offer insight to allergens in the system known the company? I was informed by Jeff quote “”you purchased a water quality solution from us

“” I told him we had bought the model number that is in our garage. This represents poor business ethics as we did not agree to purchase a “”water quality solution idea

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