Washington Blvd Motors Maryland


Complaint: DO Not go HERE! They are very friendly when your interested in purchasing a vehicle but when it comes to making arrangements and sticking to them they are HORRIBLE. I had to go through a horrible ordeal just to get my hard tags. It was excuse after excuse from everyone. Then I was having some mechanical issues with my vehicle , mind you I still had temp tags not even 30 days old and I mentioned it to the tag n title person I was told I brought the car it is not their problem its mine. Im giving you a fair warning DO NOT GO HERE! Go somewhere else. I will continue to post everywhere I can to let them know that you cant treat people llike anything. They were rude and very unprofessional. When I asked to speak with the owner I was told he wasnt there numerous times. Time after time. When I mentioned that my transmission was slipping and that I was going to take it to the Lexus dealership, I was told No bring it to their mechanice<<<<< Yeah right so they can tell me that everything is fine.. They will lie and do anything that they can to get away with whatever it is they are trying to do. DONT go to Washington Blvd Motors in Arlington, VA ! They state: “Washington Boulevard Motors is a small used car dealership with a helpful staff that answers questions in a straightforward manner.””<<<<<<<< LIES ALL LIES THEY ARE THE TOTAL OPPOSITE!”

Tags: Auto Dealers

Address: 3210 10th St N Internet United States of America

Website: www.wbminc.com/

Phone: 703-243-4466

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