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What a nightmare! You will regret your purchase from Walt’s unless everything goes perfectly. Here is what happens when it doesn’t- and things usually do not go perfectly. I ordered an 84 inch LG TV from Walt’s, let them debit a bit over $8,000 from my bank and two weeks later a nonfunctioning 84 inch TV was delivered. I had paid for the white glove delivery and was so excited when they finally delivered my TV. The courier stated that it may damage the TV (Damage my $8,000 TV-no!!) if it was turned on before it warmed up to near room temperature. They adamantly informed me that if the temperature was below 51 degrees F (and it was in the low 30’s that morning) They were not allowed to turn on the TV and if I did it may damage it and that would be my fault. So I did not want to damage my TV nor did I want to do anything that might void my warranty and make me culpable for that damage. So I did what most responsible professionals would do – I waited about 2 hours and then plugged it in. Guess what? I had no viewable picture. Just lines. I read all the instructions and closely scrutinized the startup procedure. No picture. I called Walt’s TV and spoke with Orlando informing him what happened. He immediately blamed me for signing for the received TV before I had turned it on. Repeating “I told you to test it out before signing for it. He did not say anything that could remotely be interpreted as that!! I would have called him immediately upon delivery if he had. He blamed me!! He also blamed the courier

stating that they lied to me as a ploy to not take responsibility for that damaged product. He essentially said that the courier knew that they had damaged the TV and they just wanted to con me. I have been coned all right but by Walt’s TV not the couriers trying to do their job. Many phone calls later and many assurances from Orlando at Walt’s TV that as soon as the defective TV was picked up (Walt’s did arrange this) I would be shipped a working 84 inch TV. What happened next?

The defective TV was picked up uneventfully

I called Walt’s TV and Orlando told me that once he confirmed pick up the new TV would be shipped out the next day. I waited three days and still no tracking number. I called Orlando back and now he said that he must wait to actually receive the defective TV- I Guess so they can hopefully find a way to blame me. I had already sent Orlando many pictures of everything

the front and back of the TV

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