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Thank goodness that someone reported this before it was to late for me and I owed my bank a lot of money. I did just as the other person … I received a payroll check from Walmart Web Control, it sounds very legit, a check that has a breakdown 1.) Participation Pay for first week $350 2.)Stipulated Amout for Evaluation (see survey assignment #1) 3.) Required Funds for retail shopping assighnment (see survey assignment #2) This all comes out of a payroll check sent to you $1991.00 because you were selected to participate in a paid “Quality Control Program”” working as a “”Consumer Service Evaluator””. If I am wrong about this being a scam I will so apologize

but for now I have no reason to doubt that that payroll check for $1991 will come up insufficiant funds and all the money that I thought I had to spend is not going to actually be there and I am going to have to pay back my bank because of that check bouncing.”



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