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My husband works for Walmart, and this company has increasingly become an anti-family work environment. nThis company made him stay extremely late on so many occassions, yet they only consider him part-time, thus he’s not eligible for insurance benefits and that’s not saying much because they make their very low-paid employees pay such high premiums for terrible insurance that we wouldn’t be able to afford it anyway. nAnother ripoff is that last year, they said the employees were probably going to receive a decent profit sharing amount (my husband’s worked there a few years and never received any profit sharing). It was something like $3000 for full-timers and $1500 for part-timers. Then they said it would probably only be $200 or so, which is horrible. Turns out, no one received anything because they worked too much overtime. Well, my husband had to stay extremely late because the manager wouldn’t let him go home, so he didn’t get a bonus because if he had left to avoid overtime, he would have gotten fired. nAlso, starting last year, Walmart started to keep its stores open on Thanksgiving DAY. Heck, even HEB closes that day for their employees to be with family. nThis company sucks. nRednSan Antonio, TexasU.S.A.

1515 Ne Loop 410 San Antonio, Texas U.S.A.

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