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I was shopping at Walmart like I usually do every other day. This day was different though, I was looking at curtains in the window coverings isle. I was looking for specific colors and lengths so I opened a couple of packages! (by the way, there were about 20 different un-opened packages on the bottom shelf with curtains everywhere) I held up a few different styles of the same color and please note they were very similar. I then put them back in the packages and kept the one i wanted and was on my way to do more shopping. I caught up with my husband and 2 little nephews and decided to check out. nThe cashier rung all my itens up and I paid $75.18 for everything and we were on our way. I was stopped by the GM at the door, she asked for my receipt. Then this little pierced up hyper retard grabbed the receipt and said” yup she did it she switched the curtains on purpose

she did it.”” At this point I am in shock

my husband is pissed and she is making a scene. He asked what are u talking about

she said I saw your wife open these curtains and switch them to get a better curtain for a cheaper price. nTo show how stupid she was I paid 10.94 for the curtainI thought was the one

and the one I got was the 19.84 one and I didnt want that one anyways. I made a mistake

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By Ronald

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