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On December 14 I went to the Altamonte Springs Walmart store to pick a Christmas Layaway. On that Layaway was my daughters electric scooter. I traveled all over central FL to find one for her for xmas, after looking for a solid month found it here. Anyhow, when i went to pick it up I stood at the layaway booth waited 45 min to get up to it, large line; slow worker. Got up there to give them My info to pick it up and was told to wait longer while she labeled a bunch of boxes and carried them to the back to be binned. nFinally she pulled the info up on the computer and said that the layaway was not give a BIN number so they didnt know where it was. I was told they would have to search for it, her and one other person did. They found it after another 30 min, brought it out to me and the box was completely damaged, and the box was opened and then strapped back together, with multiple holes in it. This was not what it looked like when I layed it away. Appaled, I asked for a manager. When I inspected the scooter to see if it was damaged, I had them unstrap the box. The wheels on the bike were dirty, as if it had been ridden. Telling the manager I didnt want to accept it like this she said I would have to go to customer service to get the refund. I told her after waiting in line this long i would rather not wait in the line that was out the door up there. She was unwilling to help, and said “OH well thats what you have to do!””. I asked if she could at least call another store to see if they have any. She said that the phone in layaway would not dial out of the store and I would have to go to a payphone and call myself because she wasnt going to customer service to call for me (Other stores WILL do this for their customers). nI persisted that she call

telling her this is not how i layed this away and its not my fault its like this. She finally gave in

went and “”supposedly”” called another store

came back after another 20 min and said that one in sanford was holding me one. I said ok thanks

left the electric scooter at layaway and headed to customer service to get a refund. Lines were awful. SO since i had already paid for it and was having to go to another walmart to get one

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By Ronald

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