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Complaint: Big warning to all consumers in or around the Deltona, orange city area. Me, my girlfriend, and daughter went to walmart for complete oil change. Car was driving fine all the way there, the oil was a little low, about 1 qt, cause my car has a slow oil leak, but no problems to report. However, after getting the complete oil change, I started to notice serious problems w/ the way the car was behaving. The car started to shake, like a small jerk while in drive on the way home, started to happen around 30 to 40 Mph. Next day the car started to stall at the stop sign, and would heavily shake and jerk around 24 to 30 and from 40 to 50 Mph. Took my car to local mechanic and there was a problem w/ the oil filter and it being set incorrect after install, he stated my car should have been at 60 but instead was set at 50. However, this did not fully fix the issue, the car was still stalling and the shaking and jerking did not get any better. Well had a friend look at the car and checked all fluids that we’re supposed to have been checked by Walmart and the transmission fluid was completely emptied. Let me say this every time i go to Walmart and get my oil changed it is the complete oil change, with the fluid replacement, transmission also. Well service desc, stated there was nothing wrong with the fluid levels except the oil was again 1 qt low. So after getting the car checked out again, the transmission now has to be replaced, I would like to thank Walmart for this, esp after i just had my trannie replaced not even a year ago. Noel deltona, FloridaU.S.A.

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Address: 2400 Veterans Memorial Prkwy Orange City, Florida U.S.A.


Phone: 386-775-1500

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