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this company walmart employees made a false accusation about me ni purchased a lot of merchandises at walmart and they stole from me they didn’t put every thing in the bag what was purchased i came back to store to claim missed parcelnthey wanted to make up false picture on me showing a picture on the files of some one on line at cashier register and the person they showed they couldn’t say that that was me they gave merchandise to they just only assumed it was me they didn’t have any proof it was me and they wouldn’t show me the picure they refused to show me the picture and they didn’t really know what was in the bag I purchased they just FALSELEY accussed me sayingnthey didn’t owe me anything else i would like to camplain about this and i would like to press charges on cases like this in the nearfuture because i don’t like being treated like a crimminal ni’m a GOOD LAW ABIDING citizen people that falsesley accuse other people they are already commiting a crime and when they use camera’s to help them lie and falseyfie they need some unpleasn’t time behind bars nJackiencolumbus, GeorgiaU.S.A.

Airportthruway Columbus, Georgia U.S.A.


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