Complaint: Complaint Filed: 10.08.15 14:30PM PST COMPANY NAME: Wallapop, S.L. DESCRIBE COMPLAINT: Wallapop provides a virtual garage sale service by use of an app found both using Apple iTunes and the Google Play store. They delete your listings without logical reason. The email that follows is not clear but they insinuate your photos or items listed are either stock photos, 2nd or 3rd party images, stolen images from another listing, unrelated, or images of low quality. Wallapop also advances through exploitation of your account because if you list items using another competitor service such as OfferUp, Close5, VarageSale, etc. which is NOT exclusive to Wallapop, you will be banned! SEE EXAMPLE 3 BELOW! My personal account has been harassed and discriminated using the Wallapop “Service””! I have received approximately 30 copies of various different emails from the Wallapop service removing my listings. Personal screenshots were taken from my mobile phone proving how my account was being tampered and the service interrupted as they attempted to log me out remotely. A short video clearly shows how I used a friends Android based mobile phone in attempt to login was denied stating the “”account has been disabled””. Several screenshots were also taken from Wallapop’s online reviews found at the Apple iTunes store from other members experiencing the exact or similar problems using their service. My account is currently revoked

Tags: Civil Rights Violators

Address: suspended

Website: or to use the service as intended. Many individuals have posted similar complaints using the Apple iTunes store review option to warn and notify new members wishing to download the treacherous software. Every attempt to communicate with Wallapop using the provided accusation email address has been in vain. IF they do respond

Phone: or permanently restricted since 10.05.15 due to this issue. I’m no longer able to remain logged in to view my listed items

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