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Complaint: I had my van serviced at a Walmart Tire & Lube express and the technicians lifted it wrong causing the lift to go through the running boards damaging them beyond repair and making them usless to use as steps as intended. They admitted fault and advised me to get an estimate. It’s a conversion van and when the dealer estimated repairs, it came to $1152.93. I was then advised they had to submit a claim on anything over $1000 and would be contacted in regards to the claim. I was then contacted and offered 75% of the damages due to “depreciation”” of my vehicle as it isn’t new. The body shop advised it would take 4-5 days to complete the repair and Walmart stated that was false and they would only cover 1 day rental. So

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Address: instead of repairing

Website: VirginiaU.S.A.”

Phone: they offered $894.69 and stated I would be responsible for the remaining damages! Of course we declined the check as it was unfair

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