Wal-Mart Cleveland Tennessee Review


At a recent visit to Wal-Mart Supercenter due to a flat tire (purchased at Wal-Mart and purchased warranty) my fiance and I were treated very rudely by the employees inside the Service Center. After a few exchanged words, apparently I was reported to the Service Center manager. nWhile waiting patiently in line inside the Service Center to find out how much this warranty I purchased would cover on my new tire an lady with no uniform or name tag approaches the counter and rudely asks, “Did someone need me?”” I responded with


can you help me?”” Once again she rudely replies

“”What do you need?”” I gave her my warranty and requested to know what it would cover including a few “”bad”” words. She replied by telling me that if I were going to use language like that she wouldn’t do anything for me. At this point I rephrased my question and asked again. She finally tells me that the warranty I had purchased for $9.00 would cover $7 and some change toward a new one. I did not want to stand the 3 hour wait for $7 and I took my warranty and we left…. nNow the funny part of the story. Explain to me how when we got literally across the street to Sears Automotive 3 police cars had already arrived and my fiance who had said one entire sentence the whole time I was arguing with the so-called “”manager”” was arrested for disorderly conduct and vandalism. Claiming that he broke a steel door that has had broken hinges for years and I was the one who opened the door… nWe ended up paying a bondsman

missing work for court 3 times

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By Ronald

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