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Let’s give you a little back ground I live in part of the country that where Walmart Stores close at night, small Wal-Mart stores not super centers. In this type of stores Wal-Mart has night stocking crews (stock shelves when store is closed). I have worked in retail before. nProblem 1: nI have complained to Wal-Mart (via internet complaint form) about night stockers short stocking shelves in the toy department. Short stocking is when (in the case of the toy department) employee stocks an item, but does stock the highly sought after or collectible items that are included in the case they are stocking. They remove it or another employee removes it for purchase at a later time. nI collect Die cast toys. I know the case counts on most of the items they are stocking. I have gone as far as stay until the store closes and come back when the store opens and check my inventory counts. It’s really strange when they stock an item where the case quantity is 12 and only 11 are there and they collectible item are missing!!nI was at the McMinnville, Or. On 12/12/2005. I came in about 5 minutes after the store opened. I noticed that an employee was stocking a case of Hot Wheels basic die cast in the front of the store. The employee had stocked half of the case. I noticed that the employee had placed the one collectible car on the top of the shelf. I asked her about the car on the top of the shelf she replied that it was a car she was buying. I asked if she was on the clock she replied yes. I told her I didn’t think so and took the car. This is just one instance. I asked to speak to the manager in charge of the store and was told they were in a morning meeting, so I left a message to have her call me to discuss this instance, but no phone from her or the store at this time. I don’t mind taking one from time to time, but when none of the collectors have seen a collectible item in 5 months, there is a problem!! nProblem 2: nStores have clearance items and then they have super clearance items (90% or more off). It’s pretty bad when you walk into the store when it opens and the overnight stock crew is in line as the store opens with arm loads of $1.00 to $3.00 fishing poles that had previous retailed for $20.00 to $40.00. They had gone shopping overnight when the store had been closed and had got in line before the store had opened to customers. I would have liked to have got that kind of deal, but I guess you have to work there to get this kind of deal. nNormnWillamina, OregonU.S.A.

2375 North 99 West McMinnville, Oregon U.S.A.


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