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Complaint: There was about 3 of us and we decided to go to the Waffle House in Wilmington NC. It was about 9:00 on a Friday so they weren’t busy. My boyfriend ordered a T-bone steak, MR. When it came to the table the plate was covered in blood and the steak was literaly raw inside. We sent it back and the manager on duty Chris made the comment well you ordered it rare. We informed him we ordered it MR not raw. When he brought it back to the table the outside was burnt and the inside was still red and cold. It was unedible. When we went to the cash register and the manager Chris asked us how our food was I told him it was still sitting on our table. He said the he wouldn’t take it off our bill but he would give us coupons. Ok he is trying to make up for it right….WRONG he gave us coupons for $1.00 off our next meal. $1.00 what are you going to do with $1.00. And not only that they were EXPIRED. That place and that manager are a joke and we will never go back.. Waffle House watch out the Huddle House is going to put you out of business..

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Address: Market St. Wilmington, North Carolina U.S.A.



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By Ronald

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