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VRBO aka Homeaway allows malicious reviews from anyone who stays in your vacation rental if they provide a link proving they did business with you. I had guests in my vacation rental who stole the guidebooks and turned the glasses including wine glasses into candle holders. Happy that the damage was minimal and they were gone I didn’t bother to persue any claims. Then i log onto my $400 a year advertising page and this vengeful and destructive thief posts a very intelligently written review that reads like a bad sandwich. It starts off and finishes nicely but the middle was rotten. She claimed my place was overrun with cockroaches and mosquitos but everything else was fabulous. After several attempts including writing to the CEO of Homeaway they refused to take it off my advertising page and repeated like drones that it fit within their guidelines. After many skeptical inquiries from guests with reservations and a cancellation, i had no choice but to delete my account with VRBO and of course they offered me no refund. The best they could offer as a solution was to get other reviews as guest left and that would push the malacious review futher down. Each time i tried to explain that keywords like cockroaches and mosquitos kill business no matter where the review is located and no matter that every other review on my page was 5 star. As far as i am concerned VRBO owes me money for the reservations i lost, damage to reputation, refund when i deleted, and stress.

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