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Vortex of East San Francisco Bay, CA was the company I connected with when my computer began making a strange noise and presented a message to contact 1-888-227-9443 for technical support. I called the number and they got my computer working again, told me I needed to buy an anti-virus protection plan which would include technical support. I knew my plan had expired so I purchased a plan for $199.99 and they would provide 5 years security coverage and technical support. I have had to use them one time for technical support since and they did in fact fix my computer issue. Today, they called to say they wanted to refund my money and give me interest. The amount of the interest was $2,000. I immediately began to be suspicious. When I questioned them on this, they said the interest was to cover additional charges I might incur when I needed technical support. Really odd to me so I told them to back off, they were asking me to go to my bank account so they could put the money in my account. Who ever heard of $2000 interest from a $199.99 business transaction that was only 3 weeks old. I refused to go along with them and they have been calling me every few minutes. I was under the impression that the original $199.99 was all I had to pay for virus protection and technical support for 5 years. Today’s call (and all company reps have a foreign accent that makes their English hard to understand) made me very suspicious. I questioned them profusely on how this could be when I was not told of anything in the way of other expenses for technical support. They did get an electronic version of my check so I am scared they may have access to my bank account. This was a really strange experience. I hope you can help me determine the validity of this company. All I have is that their name is Vortex, the number on my cell displays 510-313-7970, their toll free number was 888-227-9443. I am concerned they may have access to my bank account.

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By Ronald

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