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Complaint: On Jan 25, 2016 Volcy PC Support called my 86-year old partially disabled aunt, from the phone number (855) 229-7417 claiming to be AVG. My aunt trusts AVG as she has a longtime paid account with them so she believed that Volcy was AVG as they represented themselves.Volcy took remote control of her computer and installed a bunch of software under the pretense that this was necessary as they had detected that her computer was under attack from Russian hackers. Volcy (as AVG) claimed this work was necessary to keep the computer safe.She was on the phone with Volcy took her credit card information and charged $355 to her card for the “work”” they performed. They called her again the next day from the same number. Volcy’s technician

Tags: Computer Service & Repair

Address: “”Gary”” was on the phone with her and Volcy

Website: 2016

Phone: claiming to be AVG

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