Vitacost – Amazon Tyrone Missouri Review


My experience has to do with the fact that Vitacost is now selling on Amazon. They had 258 items listed on multipack pages. On the multipack pages it stated very clearly how many you were supposed to get. However, they refuse to ship the amount of items clearly stated on the page. So that they don’t have to cancel all the orders and send their cancel rate with Amazon through the roof they are shipping out the packages with one of each item. Even if the page clearly stated that you were getting 12 items they are shipping only one item. It is total fraud! What is worse Amazon is standing behind Vitacost instead of the buyers. If you look at Vitacost at Amazon you will see that several people got cheated and have left negative feedback. I placed an order for over $403 and they emailed me that they refused to ship the order because they were all multipacks and their price was for one item. They said it was a typo. Instead of cancelling the order they said they were going to ship ONE item out of the 58 items I ordered. They lyingly said that they wouldn’t debit my debit card for the $403 but they did anyhow. They stole $403 out of my bank account and they say they’re shipping me one item that costs $2.52. My daughter likewise got cheated as well as several other people. Now I will have to see how I can get my $403 back.

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