Virginia Sanchez – Lake Forrest, Califonia California


My used to be best friends sister Virginia Sanchez was going through a divorce (go figure) and had no where tolive. My parents had a room for rent so I figured it was a safe beat to have her move in. I told my parents about her needing a place for not only her but her daughter as well. My parents said yes of corse since she was the sister to my best friend at the time. So they moved in and everything was great……until one night when my mom took her daughter and it was just me ,my dad, and Virgina in the house. My dad and her were in the living room talking which was normal. I was in my room gathering laundry to take down stairs. When I went down stairs I didn’t see them anymore. I had to pass my dads room to get to the laundry room. The lights were off but as I approached the room I could see they were standing in there in the dark. Virginia kept saying “I feel so bad though.” and my dad was telling her “don’t feel bad. I continued on my way to put my laundry in but knew something was up. So I played dumb and went back upstairs. Those two idiots were dumb enough to go back in the living room and talk about why the whore Virgina was feeling bad. They must of figured I was in my room but of course I wasn’t. I had to see what these two pieces of shit where up to. I snuck and sat at the 2nd stair down where if I bent down a bif I could see eberything in the living room. I could hear every word perfectly from there. I could not believe what I heard. So this nasty fat ugly no respect for her daughter or my family woman sat there and told my father she felt bad for having sex with him cause she said she really likes my mom and everything she does for her and her daught. What a lying ass fake ass bitch. It was so disturbing to hear her ask my dad if he cummed. VIRGINIA SANCHEZ IS A FAT UGLY DISRESPECTFUL WOMAN. Btw she got divorced cause she cheated om her husband. And as for being a mom, she gets drunk all the time and leaves her daughter at our house for my parents to feed her.

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By Ronald

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