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Before I start the story, this b**** goes by Jenny, or Jennie, and her last name has changed from Richards when I knew her, to Anderson, to now Palmer. Alright, here we go.. stick with me, it’s a bit long.. My husband and I have been together for 10 years this year, the love of my life. He was my date for my senior prom, been with him since i was 17 (I’m 27 now, how the years have passed…). We like almost all the same things, we have the same goals, 99.9% of the time we agree on everything. I always felt we were a team. Us against the world. We have two beautiful daughters together, a house, a life.. I had what every woman wishes for, a loyal man who takes care of his family and loves his wife. He was a good man, a good husband, and a great father. I was so lucky to find this diamond in a world full of rocks. Someone to save me from this cruel world. Well, I didn’t know how cruel the world really was.. i was blind, his love and promises of remaining faithful kept me blind. Today, my eyes are wide open. In March of 2010, my husband and I had been together for 5 years and married for 2 years. He decided to invite this guy over he went to school with. This guy had a wife and kid, and she was pregnant with their second. I was also pregnant with OUR second child, and both of us were due at the end of March. It started out so innocent.. we all met at our house (which we had bought the year before, our first home) and it seemed we would turn out to be good friends. We both had two kids, stayed home with them, and neither one of us had any really good friends. There was only one thing that I was initially weary of, she admitted that before the kids, she used to strip. Now typically, I do not trust people.. however, I assumed it would be okay because that was the past, and she’s married with two kids now (not to mention I did not feel threatened by her appearance). So I gave her a chance, and boy was that the worst mistake I ever made! During the first week of hanging out, she would text message my husband to set up a time to come over. || I didn’t like that she messaged him instead of me, but let it go in front of my husband because I didn’t want to seem jealous over nothing. However, the next time I seen her, I told her that I don’t need friends, and if she wanted to be my friend she was going to follow the one rule everyone should. Don’t talk to my husband behind my back when you have my number. She agreed and said that was a rule for herself as well. Seemed we understood each other.. About a month later, their relationship drama was spilling into our friendship. She was upset with her husband that he was messaging other women, and receiving inappropriate pictures from them. We tried to help them talk it over but ultimately, left it up to them since that’s all we could do. Then she claimed they were fighting a lot and asked to stay with us for a night. I didn’t feel comfortable with another woman sleeping in our house but felt bad for her so let her stay the night anyway.. during the next couple weeks, I had been messaging my husband at work. He kept telling me he was busy and couldn’t talk. I felt this was odd, he always had time for me.. and so I decided to check our phone records only to find her number texting him back and forth. I was pissed and confronted her. I asked her what was so important that she needed to message my husband instead of me. She apologized profusely, and claimed it was that my husband knew her husband better than anyone, and she wanted his opinion on one of their arguments. Well, I did not give a f*** what her problems were. I told that b**** straight up not to be messaging my husband.. and for her to do it again…oh hell no!! So i told her I was done with her a** and not to come around. She apologized again and again and again. Please you are my only friends… so I stupidly gave her another chance. Everything was fine til about another month later. Out of the blue on a Saturday, my husband comes up to me saying she was messaging him that she wanted to come hang out with us. I got pissed and told him I did not want to see her. He was confused but didn’t ask why. About an hour later, he approached me again with the same thing only this time offered to pick her up on his motorcycle.. I blew up and told him I had been telling her not to message him and obviously she was doing it anyway, and that we are done talking to her and that’s that. I was so angry at the thought of her riding on the back of my husband’s motorcycle, arms around his waist that I told her off and assumed it was over. Well, I was wrong… my husband and I had been having some issues in the bedroom since that all happened 4 years ago. I was tired of it, and told him I wanted fix whatever is wrong. Everything was going great til I seriously asked him what really happened with her. I always had a suspicion it was more than talking.. well, this year (2015) he finally decided to admit that he didn’t stop messaging her when i told her to f*** off.. i found emails back and forth about how they wanted to hook up but cant, and how horny he is for her. Dirty pictures were being sent back and forth…even found that he went and picked her up because she needed a ride somewhere, then messages talking about how seeing each other messed with their heads.. I felt like such a f***ing idiot.. I saw all the signs but chose to ignore them because I did actually trust my husband (otherwise I would have caught this in the beginning). My husband had always told me never to cheat, if you are unhappy, talk about it or leave, just don’t cheat. He always held himself to that as well… or so he always told me. I was completely devastated when I found out he had betrayed me this way. Here I was cleaning his dirty underwear, remaining faithful (when I could do the same to him), while he is messaging pictures of his d*** to this b****. She was my friend, I mean I died that b****’s hair in my bathroom for god’s sake.. complete betrayal! And this side relationship went on from before our second daughter even turned one, until it was almost her 3rd birthday.. he still claims he never touched her but will I ever really know the truth about that? I couldn’t find any proof of whether they hooked up or didn’t. She lured him in with talk about going back to stripping and making online videos. He got caught up in the fantasy that she wanted him, and would say things to get him upset with me to try to convince him why he should leave or cheat on me. And then she would ask him to leave me and our children to save her. Not her and her kids, but just her. She even manipulated him into telling her he loved her by saying she was going to kill herself. She lost her two kids in the divorce, so she clearly had plenty of time to act like a a slutty home wrecking whorebag.. as for my husband, we have been together for the last 10 years.. I invested so much time and effort into this .. I cant just let our relationship go. We have a lot of good worth saving. If she didn’t come into the picture, I believe nothing like this would have happened. He was used and cheating on in quite a few of his past relationships, so he has always been against cheating and would never do this on a normal day. That is why I am giving him the opportunity to make this work. Anyway, if that isn’t the definition of a homewrecker I don’t know what is. She wouldn’t leave my husband alone after several threats. Messaging him pictures of her saggy floppy tits, and disgusting wrinkly clam.. I could see why my husband was tempted when you have some stripper throwing her nasty snatch in your face all the time combined with her playing on our own issues.. (not that that is an excuse..) I know he did wrong, but for our kids, the 10 years we have been together through good and bad times, and what the future could bring, I will give him a second chance (his last chance). As for her, she will not get any sympathy from me.. she did to me the same thing that other woman was doing to her with her husband. I will expose her for the home wrecking c*** she really truly is for as long as I live. Watch out for this one, she will pretend she is your friend until your back is turned, and then she will stab it and try to steal your man and life!>

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