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Complaint: My story, In 1990 I was engaged to my future wife and mother of our 3 children. During that year we had a falling out and separated for about 5 months. During this time she received child support directly from the state and then they in turn came after me for what she was given. I didn’t have a problem with that. To make this part short, we ended up back together, got married, raised our children who are now all in their 20s. After 12 years my wife and I divorced and we went our separate ways. We settled everything on our own and never went through the courts. I signed over my rights to our house, vehicles, savings, investments, everything. Neither of us had legal custody of the children and we parted ways very peacefully and still friends. She moved to Conn. and I moved to Texas. During this time the old child support debt which i believe was around $3000 at the time just plain got lost in the shuffle of life. A little later on I quit my job to take care of my father who had parkinsons disease and was basically dying slowly. I was out of society for at least 8 years. I sold stuff on ebay to make some money during this time. In Feb of 2011 my father finally passed away. So, I decided to move back to Virginia, find work and reinsert myself into society. And that is just what I did. I stayed with relatives and eventually I got my Va drivers license, and after a lot of searching I finally got a part time job, got a vehicle, a place to live. I also filed for disability at this time because I have degenerative disk disease and my back can only handle so much. I am still waiting on that. Then one fine day in august of 2011, I get a letter from DCSE telling me I owe them $5000+ from the child support my now ex wife had received 22 yrs ago. Ok, no problem, I owed it and I knew I had to repay it. So, I call them and ask them what I need to do and I was then told that I had to pay them $600 up front and sign a payment agreement of $430 a month until the debt was paid, at which time I informed them that there was no way I could afford $430 a month because I am partially disabled and am only able to work about 20-25 hours or less a week and barely even bring home much more than that but that I am willing to make good on this debt. They would not work anything out with me. They wanted what they stated and that was final. They were very rude and nasty with me. I mailed them money twice after that anyway. Then, In September of 2011, I get a letter stating that if I didnt sign this payment agreement that my license may be suspended. I sent them a letter back stating once again that it was impossible for me to pay that amount but that I am willing to make some kind of arrangement and enclosed yet more money as a show of good faith.I never heard anything back from them. The following month my wages were being garnished and not just a little but almost half of my entire income…If I made $500 for the pay period they took $240 of it. Needless to say this has made it impossible for me to live and at the very moment I am at my sisters writing this report because I have no power at my house because I was not able to pay my electric bill. Then I found out in December from my insurance company when I went to renew my insurance that my license had indeed been suspended since “SEPTEMBER!!!!”” I never received a letter from them or DMV stating that my license had been suspended. So

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Address: then I physically go down to the DCSE offices to try and work something out because none of this should have even happened over a 22 yr old debt that I am more than willing to pay and have now paid through garnished wages nearly half of. I sit down with the worker and explain to him that I am having a hard time understanding that they have been garnishing my wages

Website: does the 2 grand plus thats been paid not count for anything? He tells me yes it goes towards the debt being paid but as far as my license goes

Phone: the debt is getting paid

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