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Vince Testa is a dentist in Sherwood, Arkansas and has been for many years. For the most part we have had good experiences with him and his services. However, his front office is a nightmare. Dr Vince Testa has the most arrogant, rude person as an office manager. She is also incompentent. My troubles started when she billed us for services we never recieved. When we tried to discuss them with her, she didn’t want to hear it. So next we were turned in for collections. We fought this in court and won but the trouble we had to go through was ridiculous. We are still being billed? When we tried to talk to the Dr Vince Testa himself, we were told he was not available. Seems he was never available? We were also told that he doesn’t handle billing, even though he owns the business. So now he has lost a patient, lost a lawsuit, and any future patients we talk to. It’s a shame that this dentist is letting his business be destroyed by his front office manager. This could have been resolved much easier than this.

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By Ronald

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