Victoria’s Bridal Couture Zephyrhills Florida Review


I ordered a dress online from Victorias’ Bridal Couture. When ordering, you select a delivery time frame in order to get the dress before the wedding. I paid extra money to upgrade my shipping from the standard 16-18 weeks, to 13-15 weeks. Dress was ordered on November 1, 2014 which gave me a ship date of January 31, 2015 to February 14, 2015. The wedding date was February 28th but out of town so I needed the dress no later than February 24th. This was to meet an appointment with the alterations place on the 25th, get the dress back the next day, and leave for out of town on the 27th. (if I had gotten my dress between the 13-15 week window, I would not need the rush alterations but I had planned on them when I wasn’t getting my dress on time.) I sent an inquiry about my dress the first week in february looking for an update. I tried calling but no one answers the phone. I finally got a reply on February 9th stating that the dress was in the warehouse being inspected and would be shipped out to me in the next few days. Well nothing every happened and they are apparently closed on presidents day. So on February 17th (three days after the latest day my dress was allowed to ship out) I called the boutique on repeat until I got an answer. The lady told me that she had zero information for me. That all online orders go through a warehouse. This warehouse is their vendor so, in my opinion, they should still help me but she refused. Said she would leave my information for the manager to give me a call back. In the meantime, she said I could live chat with the vendor on the website. This is my only way to contact the vendor. So I contacted the vendor that same day (2/17/15) through live chat. The operatore (Doris D.) refused to help me at first. Said she wasn’t allowed to give out order status on the live chat. Once I explained the above to her she went to her manager Steve. Steve told me I would have my dress on 2/23/15. I talked to Doris for a few more minutes and she clarified that they would get the dress on 2/23/15 and would overnight it to me and I would have it on 2/24/15. Ok. On 2/23/15 I contacted the online chat again and Doris D again answered. I asked for an update. Doris D asked me to chat back in 30 minutes and I said sure. She shut down the chat function for the rest of the day. At this point I tried to call the boutique again. I finally got a hold of a lady named Annette who genuinely seemed to care and tried to help. She called the designer who said would send her a tracking number tomorrow. She told me she would call me tomorrow (the 24th). On the 24th she wasn’t calling me and wasn’t answering my calls so I tried the online chat again. I got a hold of a Janice D. As soon as I asked for the status of my dress she ended the chat with me. I tried the chat again. I got Doris D this time who again, refused to speak to me, then ended the chat. I tried a third time. Got a Dipti D and I was banned from chat. Again, this is the only means to communication. I was never once rude to anyone. I have transcripts from the chats. I simply asked for status updates and somehow was banned? The dress was paid in full in November and they owe me what I paid for! So I called the boutique again, this time the Manager was in and took my call. I should add that earlier when I said that I got a hold of the boutique for the first time and the lady refused to help me but took my information for the manager so that he would call me back, he never called me back. He refused to help me. Told me there was nothing he could do. He knows he is the manager and that the warehouse is his vendor but was unwilling to do anything and hung up on me. I called back and they refused to answer my phone call. Still have not gotten a hold of them to this day. The dress, I was told, was not their department (the ft lauderdale place) and would be coming from the warehouse in NY. Yet, when my dress finally did ship out, he shipped out from ft lauderdale. It did not ship out overnight like promised. It came standard shipping. And I received it after I had already left my house to travel for the wedding so I did not get the dress in time for the wedding. They now refuse to take my phone calls and I am still banned from chat so I cannot contact them for the refund I deserve. Unfortunately I did not read their reviews before I purchased the dress. If you pull up Victorias Bridal Couture on Yelp or Facebook, you will see that they do this all of the time to their customers.

1302 E Las Olas Blvd Fort Lauderdale, Florida USA


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