Victoria Bracey Ponchatoula, Louisiana Louisiana


It all started when my bf at that time was working at (removed). This ugly fat ass cow couldn’t resist herself. She kept throwing money and gifts in his face. He said that he stopped talking but she always showed back up with expensive gifts to reel him in. This went on for some time before I found out about it because he was acting all different and distant from me so I started feeling something wasn’t right. I would work very long hours and when I got home he was always accusing me of cheating and that I was talking to other people. Basically having a guilty conscious. We broke up for a while and he moved in with her so I showed her exactly how it felt. I would go to her house and pick him up every single day. We got back together and we worked on our problems but this whore just won’t stop. She’s always calling and texting me. It went as far as me pressing harassment charges on this beast but did that stop this slut? Nope. She just won’t give up. She knows we are married with kids and he even has my name tattooed on him. Do you think she cares? She just wants some attention so I hope she likes this attention.

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By Ronald

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