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What is about to be said in these next set of words goes to those who might be thinking of cheating on their spouses. Don’t do it!!! I threw away a marriage of 9 years for some whore I knew in high school. I had a thing for her for a long time, but she never gave me the time of day. After being with my wife for 8 years she blessed me with 3 wonderful children. From September to December of 2013 I had an affair with Vici, this woman from my past had contacted me and she knew from the very beginning of our conversations that I was married. I had told her about my wife, and this didn’t stop either of us from communicating. The last I had seen or heard from her was in 2005 before I had met my wife, I had a one night stand with her and that was it. I had no intention of seeing her again. Fast forward to 2013, out of the blue she contacts me. My feelings, stupidity, and selfishness led me to the turmoil I had caused my wife. || We started talking, within a few short messages she had sent me a picture, and within a few weeks, she already sent naked pictures. I was blinded by her manipulation. I should have ended things right away but I didn’t. I am a POS because of it. All while I was hiding her like the dog she is, I kept lying to my wife. For what? All for some slutty pictures, I should have known right away that she was a homewrecking whore when she told me only the special ones get those pictures. Even worse than that I should have been putting in effort to my wife. She deserved better than to be lied to, cheated on, and disregarded. All of those years my wife had put in the effort to get me out of some bad habits. I resented her for it, now that I’m actually growing up I see that she just wanted me to be a good man. She dedicated her life to me, she was loyal even when I messed up in the beginning. This is how I repaid her. Again, I’m a POS for not treating her how she deserved. My wife is so special and anyone who meets her will figure that out in a few minutes. I threw that away for a whore!!! You know the saying the grass is always greener? Well it’s not, I’m here to say it never was because of what was really happening. I was destroying my family that I had created, by being filled with shit from a homewrecking whore who stroked my ego!! Like a damn fool…In all reality I was breaking my wife’s heart and breaking up my family. In November 2013 My wife found out, she was devastated, my kids hurt, and myself looking at the mess I made. There is no one to blame but myself, I should have told this classless bitch to fuck off. I should have seen my wife for who she was. She is nothing like Vici and I’m glad she isn’t. She could have done a million things to me, instead like the strong woman she is, chose to take care of my children, kick me to the curve and handle herself with what dignity she had. Vici doesn’t compare anything not in a million years!! She told me she had been cheated on 6x by her ex, either she is lying and wanted sympathy or there is a pretty damn good reason. I live everyday with the guilt from the pain I caused, the trust I broke, and the love that’s gone. I don’t deserve my wife’s forgiveness. It is something I choose to seek, because when you throw someone away like her, regret won’t suffice. I am doing everything I can to change myself. I hope god forgives me someday for the damage I’ve done to the one person who cared most about me. Things would have been different if I were just true to my wife. I know I’m putting myself out there to be judged and I’m fine with that. I deserve what’s coming to me. But I also want Vici to be exposed for her part as well, this trash gets to walk away and pretend like she isn’t a homewrecker, all while my family is dealing with this, and my wif’e’s view on trust, love, respect and loyalty is nothing but negative. I doubt she gives a shit about any married man’s home. Just a warning to those who come to know her. When I last spoke with her I told her if she ever contacts me or my family again I will post her classless naked pictures for everyone to see. I hope she heeds my warning!!

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