Victoria Antoinette Walker Texas


CareerSLhore, no respect for anything around her. Sleeps with as many men as she can all year(for free and for money depending on “how” you know her, she hides her sex work from “normal” guys who just see her looks and thinks she’s worthy of… Anything lol) around and plays as if she’s a woman worth respecting since she’s been to “college” lol. Like the brainwashing they teach is worth being in debt for lol. So she’s uneducated in debt and broke as well..she’s a floozy/sugar baby and All around waste of life. Dad’s BEEN dead so no real guidance at all, even though she was a younger slore when he was living she became worse when he croked even if deemed impossible. Her Moms a humongous pig who can’t control her slore daughter. They both live in a small 2 bedroom shack in the slums of Dallas. South oak cliff. So a grown woman-child who’s still sleeping in her mothers broke down shack like the bum she is. Yet this floozying swallower thinks she’s more than what she is, which is trash. It had an abortion last year(after getting sonogram she still had the audacity to kill something in her own worn out womb even considering she’ll be too worn out to ever mother another child if she’s lucky enough to trap some poor guy)and every year since she was 17 on account of plan B pills. This is a fact. So yes, a career murderer also who will never know self accountability just how to justify her work for the devilish spirits around her. Complete shell of a human, completely lost. Completely delusional worthless penis chewing no self worth having slore who doesn’t deserve to be spit on if the worms weave was on fire. Also a theif, alcoholic and drug addict… serial cheater if she does enter a fake relationship with you, User, only for self, completely WORLDLY and DEMONIC and the furthest thing from the definition of a woman and wife. Two things she can never be. }redacted}) on Instagram. Also a legendary toss up/party bopper in the city of Cedar Hill, the halls and dorms of SFA, as far out as Houston. You’re looking at a real slore here folks. Her mama should’ve swallowed. Her “mama” (not worthy of the title) failed her by not swallowing. You see the parachute bags under her hellish eyes, she’s worn out and busted. Looks extremely cracked out and worn when not drawn up like a clown to hide how hideous itself really is. Typical product of failed parenting and a broken low income home. She’s a loser.

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By Ronald

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