Vicki Caison (Duncan) Michigan Michigan


I’m not sure exactly how long it’s been going on. ..but I caught them and beat her ass on July 19th, 2014. I had been with my man for 11 years….we were living together. She has a child that is 4 with my man’s cousin’s, who passed away a few years ago. My man is also the child’s Godfather. … so I of course had met her….Our kids played together…He bought her kids gifts, gave her money and even rented her one of the houses he owns in Detroit…… I had a feeling he was messing around. …He started going out more and staying out later. || A few nights before the 19th he stayed out all night…we argued the morning he came home. Then again on the night of the 18th he was gone. I called he said he was with his boys, they had been at a funeral earlier for his friends mother. He said his boys were all drunk and out of hand…emotional and shit. So then around 3 or 4 am he stopped taking my calls… in the morning I got up got dressed took my kids out shopping. Then I went by another house he owns in Ecorse that is empty that he’d been working on….and his car was parked there. I knocked, i beat….no answer. I called…no answer. So I drove down the corner to wait and see who came out. I see him go out on the balcony, so I call again…no answer. So I drive around the block real quick and pull up in front of house and he’s walking down the block….I stop him and he claims he has been down the street at his boys house. I tell him I seen him on balcony. ..He says no…I’m crazy…lol So I say OK then let me go upstairs…He says he locked his keys inside and wants me to drive with him to get a ladder to get back in. I say ok…you go get the ladder I’m waiting here for your whore to come out. The whole time he’s telling me im being crazy. || So he takes off to ‘get a ladder’…so I shimmy up the house to the balcony and go in the house and this bitch, Vicki Caison or Vicki Ready as it says on her Facebook, is sitting in the middle of the floor hiding. I start calling her all kinds of shit….she says absolutely NOTHING. I start to go down the stairs to unlock the door and call him to tell him I opened the door for him. And I guess she thought I was leaving so she starts talking shit…saying he will put me out on my ass before he’ll ever make her move. ..lmao! So I go back up punch her in the face about 4 times and start dragging her towards the stairs…I wanted to push her down.. but figured I probably shouldn’t. …really don’t wanna go to jail. So she tries to grab a piece of wood lying on the floor….I jump on her and kick her a few times…..then I got up and grabbed the wood and told her ass th walk her ass home in her slutty heels…..she did…..and then I threw all his shit that he had there out the window. Then I went home….and she’s been running her mouth ever since. She even posts status’ on Facebook saying she’s with him, or they had a great time, etc. But when she’s posting theses status’ he here at home with me…. || Yes I stayed with him…. I’ve invested way too much time and effort to walk away because of a dirty whore!

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By Ronald

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