vH Nutrition – SERIOUS Side Effects

I bought Fertiliform-W: Fertility Pills and Blend Formula For Women and Conception and Pregnancy Complex from vH Nutrition online. I was familiar with the company it was sold by, so I was confident in their products. | There wasn’t any prospectus about side effects or information that warned me about any dangerous consequences of taking the pills on the packaging. | Once I began taking these pills my period, which usually lasts 6-7 days, lasted 23 days. I saw a doctor as soon as I could, who directed me to stop taking the pills immediately, as they could do just the opposite and cause infertility. | Now I am taking medicine (TRANEXAMIC ACID 500 Mg) in order to stop the bleeding.I do not know what kind of internal damage is done, but it is not good. Stay away from these products.

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