Vet Balance Charlevoix Michigan Review


I am a dog trainer, behavior consultant and nutritionist. I tried this product to see if it would help enhance my dog’s nutritional support, especially my senior citizen Peke. It gave all three dogs (Peke, Border Collie and Tibetan Spaniel) horrible diarrhea. I used one scoop for all three dogs (not one scoop each, but one shared scoop) so I was well within their recommended dose. The dogs love the taste of it, so I thought if I dropped the dog to 1/2 scoop shared by all three it might be ok. And it is at that low of a dose. But at that low dose I’m not interested in using it because I have found other vitamin supplements that don’t give them diarrhea. So on August 15th I tried to cancel my membership but couldn’t get their website to accept my password. On August 17th I phoned them and they used my password to access my account with any problems. Plus, they talked me into keeping the membership but set it to delay the shipping from August to September — and they set it at their end. On August 18th, I came to my senses after another round of dog diarrhea and I accessed my account on their website and I cancelled my membership. The website immediately generated a confirming email of the cancellation. nOn September 29th I received an email from them that they were processing an order. I called them immediately to tell them that the membership had been cancelled more than a month ago and to stop the order. They told me their computers were down and they couldn’t do anything until Monday. I tried to email them but their email bounced back. And then on Monday it was too late – they had already sent the product and charged my credit card. It was an unauthorized charge, which is illegal. In spite of that, they told me they didn’t believe that I had a cancellation email but there was no way to forward them a copy because they wouldn’t share a email address! My only choice was to wait for the product to arrive, then I could re-label it and pay for shipping to return it to them. Something I didn’t order I would have to pay shipping for and drive to the post office to stand in line to return. I said NO WAY. nAfter talking to several people, one of the supervisors agreed to issue a refund and told me to send the package back RETURN TO SENDER which is against Vet Balance policies. I would have no way of knowing if they ever received this package by handling it as a Return To Sender … and she told me that if they don’t receive it, they will charge my credit card again. ANOTHER UNAUTHORIZED CHARGE! I reminded her that using Return To Sender is against their policies, and she told me that was ok. I told her that I would do this after I saw the refund had been processed. nWell, guess what – they issued a PARTIAL REFUND. They will not refund $5 in shipping the product to me! I didn’t order the product, had cancelled my membership, yet they are sticking me with a $5 charge. And for someone who thinks this isn’t a big deal … then I suggest that if it’s not a big deal, they should eat the $5 charge because they sent it to me unauthorized. If their business practices are this sloppy and unethical, it makes me wonder about the true value and safety of the product. nI’ve just packaged the product (unopened), the membership cancellation email, their order processing email and the email that I sent to them today advising them how far out of bounds they have stepped … and it’s all being sent to the California Attorney General’s office. nThis is truly a BUYER BEWARE company. nEmmanCharlevoix, MichiganU.S.A.

8500 Higuera St. Culver City, California U.S.A.


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