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I hired Verona to help add things to my house because she was a friend of a friend I met when we were all out. I told my initial friend about a new sofa sectional I purchased for around $4000. Verona stepped in and told me she could have purchased the sofa section for likely half of what I paid for it. I told her I had about 10k more budgeted to spend. I agreed verbally to see what she would suggest and that she would charge 20% commission on anything I bought and that she would get 50% off retail on these items and only charge me what she paid, making all of her money off commissions! I live in an upscale house (650k) and told her I only want top quality items. It sounded like a good deal if I could get half off retail. nShe came to my house and gave some great ideas, so I agreed to trust her and let her bring some things in. I told her no more than 10k total budget. She told me no problem and she would bring things in and I could return anything I didn’t like at any time. I have witnesses to attest to this. (Her closest friends even told me she told them that too) nShe started bringing in all sorts of things in and I gave her a check for them to cover the costs. When I told her I didn’t really like some of the things she told me to wait and let her finish with her grand plan and see how things look when all put together. nUnfortunately, after writing checks for over 24k I told her to stop and to return some of the things I didn’t want/like. She then told me that I can not return anything as she already paid for it. I hadn’t even take delivery on a bed or chaise lounge or other items yet but she still wouldn’t return my money. I then took the pictures she sent me of the bed, bed tables, art pieces and chaise lounge that she selected and Google imaged them and found all of them 50% cheaper online or in local stores! AND she charged me 20% on top of this for her commission. She even had my projector screen framed (which I do like) but tripled the price she paid plus commission. nShe came over one day to talk about things and dropped off some of the items…I told her I don’t want them and want a refund on them as they were cheap and she was way over budget…she still would not refund and left the items on the floor in my house. I still haven’t received the bed and will not ever want to take delivery of it because it is so cheap (I found it online for $799 and my current bed cost me 8k). I also told her to take away the chaise lounge (made of bonded leather; cheap and my two black labs would shred it the first time they got on it) and not deliver it, but she would not and left it here. She won’t even refund the commissions for the pieces I don’t want. nI tried to resolve this matter by compromising and offered her to just refund the money for the bed and I would write the rest off as a bad loss. She refused this even. So now I am taking her to court and trying to warn anyone else about her lies, poor business practice, cheap quality goods and poor experience. nI tried to help out a friend of a friend and someone new to the area…God has blessed me and I wanted to help others out. Shame on me for not getting all of this on paper…But I do have witnesses who agreed to go to court with me. nBuyer beware and make sure you get things on paper! I will be happy to talk to anyone about this matter if you’d like more information. I have many more details and examples of her lies and deceit.n(((REDACTED))) nTomn CLICK here to see why Ripoff Scams, as a matter of policy, deleted either a phone number, link or e-mail address from this Report.

3411 Waltham Dr Richardson, Texas United States of America

214 790 6303

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