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Complaint: I am writing about Vermont Peanut Butter Company and its leaders, Christopher B Kaiser and Daniel Burgess. If any consumer of Vermont Peanut Butter Company knew who these guys truly were and the damages that they have caused innocent people in the past and present then I doubt that they would buy anything from them. Let’s start with Daniel Burgess who was reported through Ripoff Scams back on October 20, 2014. That report “related to a ponzi scheme where they brought new money into a company to pay back old investors or anyoine else that required payment to keep their scam in Verde Group (OTC: VMGI) going.”” I copied and pasted that Ripoff Scams here; “”William Veve and his fellow croney Daniel Burgess who represents himself as “”Will’s biggest fan”” and “”Will’s first investor”” are basically running a ponzi scheme where as they must bring in new money to pay back old investors or anyone that requires payments to keep their scam in Verde Media Group (OTC: VMGI) going. Desperate for marketing and new investors

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Address: Will Veve and Daniel Burgess of Tucker Financial came up with a scheme in which they would post date a check for services provided by our company and proimised the check for $20

Website: and after over $15

Phone: 000 would clear. The check was deposited 10 days after the already postdated date

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