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Complaint: I was a Verizon customer many years ago but I caught them so many times in padded billing practices that I left. I went to Comcast, but they became untolerably abusive, so I left and returned to Verizon. Once back with Verizon, I created an account that was automatically paid from a credit card each month so I wouldn’t have to deal with them and their terrible behavior. When I returned, I got their “Enhanced”” top of their line services which was supposed to give me 7.0 Mbps of service. However

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Address: whenever I run an Ookla speed test

Website: and my upload speed was 0.05. (0.02 plus 0.07 does NOT equal 7.0!!!) Anytime I get in touch with their offices

Phone: my numbers are so low that I am having connectivity problems. Yesterday

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