Velda Lisette Torres – Naive Young Trolup Florida


This is Velda Lisette Torres her Instagram name is lisette.27 and she thinks it’s acceptable to presume a 40yr old man with 4 kids while at her job as a receptionist and bartender at The Island Resort hotel in Fort Walton Beach! He was there on business when she met him and even though he told her he was married and had 4 kids she still felt it was ok to search him out on Instagram and ask for his phone number then text, call, and message him disgusting nude pics and sext with him even while he was with his family! She even has or had a boyfriend at the time! She literally has no morals or values when it comes to marriages or families. She is so young and stupid that even after he tried telling her that they would never be together b/c he loves his wife and would never leave her and kids she still couldn’t just leave well enough alone. She even got her panties in a woad when he told her not to come to Utah to see him b/c he could not and would not see her. When she was confronted about this she felt it was ok b/c she felt she was attending to his needs and that makes being with a married man ok. Women like this need to be put on display for all to see b/c it’s not only the guy at felt she had a choice and chose to destroy a happy family!

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By Ronald

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