V&C Technology Inc., VisionTech Components, USBID.COM, Tytronix, MVP MICRO- WITH KRISTAL SNIDER OF ERAI, DEBRA OF IDEA North America Florida Review


These companies are retailing/importing and distributing substandard/counterfeit and fake military components in large scale which are produced in flea markets of Mainland China. ERAI and IDEA has strong business network linking China and USA for fake and counterfeit military parts which often find its way in aircraft companies, nasa, pentagon and other military institutions.V&C TECHNOLOGY INC BASED IN FLORIDA and affiliated with ERAI , also claiming affiliation with ISO9001:2000 AND AS9120 have been found selling highly sensitive military fakes, Similarly companies like USBID.COM again based in FLORIDA affiliated to ERAI have sold and imported milllions of worth pirated parts. Ph: 352-796-0060, vctechnologyinc dot comVisiontech components have sold over 60000 fake military chips with the help of Kristal Snider , Mark A. Snider, Terry Lively who are lead founders and promoters of this substandard market.usbid.com has retailed millions of worth counterfeit and fake components with the help of DEBRA EGGERMAN OF IDEA and Kristal snider of ERAI. Again with ISO certification.Similarly companies like AERI.COM, TYTRONIX, FOUNDATION TECHNOLOGIES, OXYGEN ELECTRONICS,J.J. ELECTRONICS, MVP MICRO , BIG APPLE,STOCK POINT, NOLEADTIME.COM, IDENTEK have been importing millions of worth Chinese made pirated parts, which ultimately finds way in military, health care equipment, navigation equipment, automation and robotics. There are 100s of players in USA alone who are associated with Kristal Snider’s network. Kristal Snider is mainly sourcing and networking components for their members from counterpart Chinese ERAI members.Watch out these American companies sell same Chinese garbage with 100 to 500% margin , ofcourse that comes with American packing with ISO, ERAI, IDEA, ANAB tags flashing on labels.

FLORIDA, CALIFORNIA Nationwide United States of America



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