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Well I have been with my boyfriend for 10 years and we have 3 beautiful children. It all started when we moved up here to Michigan from Florida. My boyfriend Jason is originally from Michigan. When we moved up here Vanessa found out he was back and got his phone number some how and started texting him sending him naked pictures and sending many texts where she indidcated that she wanted him back apparently they were an item back in high school. She then found out from him that he has moved up here with his girlfriend and at the time 2 kids and that I was pregnant with our third. Well that didn’t stop her. She continuously sent him texts of naked pictures and whatnot which eventually began to cause arguments between the two of us. Where he would tell me, oh she is my best friend it doesn’t mean anything. I told him if she was a best friend she wouldn’t do this being that he has a girlfriend and kids and that it was disrespectful to me. He said he told her and she backed off for a little bit. || A few months later my boyfriend lost his job and was on unemployment and during that time I was working lots of hours to compensate for his unemployment and all of a sudden he started getting texts from her and she ended up getting him a job at her company. I was really upset about it because of how she was throwing herself at him before, but we needed the money and he wasnt getting anywhere with applications for other jobs so I said fine take it, lets see what happens. Well that is when he started going out on”coworker nights” supposedly with everyone he works with and that is when I noticed he was getting texts from her talking about leaving me and riding his d**k and getting married. I started finding pictures of them together and how she can’t wait to marry him and what not and all of a sudden I am being accused of cheating even though I never go out on girls nights or anything. I never go out because I am not allowed and when I started to ask him about the 2 of them he would get so upset he would slap me and threaten me over her. He started telling me she will always come before me and the kids because I am not as skinny as I used to be that he misses flat stomachs and that she is and will always be better than me. This weekend she sent him a text let me know when she is gone so I can come f**k you and that is the last straw that is when I found your site. || Please help me expose this heartless bitch who is destroying a family of 5 only for her selfish needs please. I feel this will help me feel a little better letting everyone know what Vanessa Van Dorn of Shelby Township michigan is really about and how she can’t let go of a high school fling that never should have rekindled. I am so heartbroken and it is killing me. Thank you for letting me tell you my story please spread the word she deserves to be call out by everyone for what she has done.

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