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Where do I start… me and my ex had gotten back together and everything was great (we have been together for almost 10 years) we welcomed our 2nd son in july 2014. He started to act weird and logical explanation was someone else was there i couldn’t exactly see who it could be since hes always at work… then months passed he bought a new phone left his old phone here and i found a number with texts and very flirty wanting to meet up and she knew about me because she always asked him do you have curfew can you come out or do you have a curfew.. i let it slide till i saw through Facebook that he went to her job to give her a “gift” with MY money!!! I found out that same day asked him he denied it gave me a b.s story and i am gullible so i believed it yet i kept feeling uneasy… i asked the Homewrecker Vanesss and she admits to it yet she said only a couple of weeks they been talking when i kept asking her she decided to post all of our conversations on Facebook to humiliate me!?! Well i guess she can humiliate me all she wants all over fb but i will have the last laugh. But she did it private instead of making it public so i wouldnt be able to comment… So i would like to leave this here and see how she likes to be humiliated herself… btw her name is Vanessa (Herrejon) Alba.

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By Ronald

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