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I have been with my husband for 14 years. We have had a great relationship and friendship until 2013 which was a very hard year. Everything was so rocky since I had been working away from home 4 days each week. As a gesture of kindness, I allowed my husband to hang out with some new photographer friends he recently met. Vanessa Catherine Renstrom was one of these photographers who has a daughter (removed), a little girl around the same age as our kids. She seem sweet at first and many years younger than us. Soon I noticed photos on her instagram account (removed) of her in my house and hanging out on those days when I wasn’t in town. Upon confronting my husband that he was having an affair, he denied anything and since I didn’t have any proof, I let it drop. It wasn’t until 4 months later he was so distance and asked for a divorce and to leave our children. It was only then that I found out that he did in fact fuck this bitch. It was only then did I successfully able to hack into his email accounts, snapchat account, tango and other so called locked accounts on his cell phone and found all the evidence I needed. || Even though she knew we were married weaseled her way up stairs to our bedroom, in our bed and screwed him. He gave her some pathetic lies to her about me being cold, distant and other bullshit just so she could feel sorry for him and to seduce her. I trusted both of them and this is the thanks I got. When I confronted her on instagram…she wrote back to me wishing me all the happiness in the world then blocked me. Well vanessa Renstrom, do not do us any more favors. || Vanessa Catherine Renstrom is from Nyack, NY but currently lives in Carmichael, CA. She thinks she a photographer but we all know she’s just a home wrecker!

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