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Vandhana Sharma who lives in Hayward and is known as the Home Wrecker in the Bay Area California. She is a sex addict and enjoys being with married men. She has been with my husband since 2012 despite knowing that I was married to him for 7 years and had 3 children with him. She started out by sending nasty text messages and nude pictures. My husband blocked her. After that she started sending nasty email messages and nude pictures via email. Every time my husband would block her, she would create a new email. Just when we had started to learn to ignore those messages and not let it bother us, she started stalking my husband. We warned her that if she doesn’t stop then we will notify the authorities. That at least stopped the stalking. However the tragedy did not end there. || In February of 2013 when I was out of town, my husband attended a friend’s party. The whore Vandhana Sharma was there. My husband got a little too drunk. She took advantage of the situation and slept with him .After that she started blackmailing him. She told him that if he doesn’t satisfy her bodily needs then she will tell me that he slept with her. The blackmailing slowly turned into an affair where every time my husband and I would have any kind of argument over anything, he would go to her, Soon he started spending all his money and time on her. When I found about this I was devastated! || To save my marriage and for the sake of my children, I asked my husband to stop the affair. I told him about Vandhana’s character: while she was involved with my husband, she was also seeing another married man. My husband of course did not believe me and I ended up filing a divorce. My children were very sad at his doing but we needed to move on. Karma played its part and my husband out found about Vandhana Sharma’s true character when he caught her in bed with another married man while she was still involved with him. It was too late for my husband because by then our divorce had been finalized. || But friends it’s not too late for you guys. Please be careful of Vandhana Sharma. She is a married men predator. I don’t want any woman to go through what I have gone through.

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By Ronald

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