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I recieved a call from these idiots about a hospital bill from 2000 today! I had paid everything on my credit report off, including this debt. I called the hospital and verified that it was paid. I called van ru back and asked them if it was for the hospital or physican, the man told me it was for the hospital. I informed him that had already been paid and he asked me to hold! He transfered me to his supervisor who was extremely rude and didnt want to let me talk! I told him my fiance is a Dr and is going to have his billing dept verify the debt since they couldnt provide me with any proof of the debt, the supervisor then informed me he would call me back if they can verify the debt! The hospital turned this debt in July 2000, and i have since paid it! This company is such a joke! They are rude and when confronted they get even ruder and then hang up on you! .

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