Van Arthur Yeboah

I met (what I thought was a woman) on Facebook and we started talking right away through Whatsapp. We seemed to have great connection. She said she was from England, so I could not meet her in person because I was in the U.S. Convenient for her. All I knew about her at this point was that she had a young child around 4-years-old and she was single mother.As we got to talking over the course of a few weeks, she became eager to see me. She said she would come see me if I sent her $2,000 for airfare and travel. | I agreed, but once she got the money she made up an excuse as to why she could not come. She continued asking me for weird things, including shoes for her son. I knew something was just not right when she told me that her kid wore a size 9. | I had a picture of what was supposedly her and her son. I did a search on the photo and discovered a completely different Facebook page. When I searched the address she gave me to send the money to, I a man by the name of Van Arthur Yeboah cam up. I am pretty sure this is a gentleman posing as women to get money.

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