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When I purchsed my bed nd matress and another matress 4 years ago I complained one month after I purchased it. They ripped off a disabled and a senior citzen! The bed foot board broke and the clue value city but it together fell apart! then a month after my mom matress turn brown ! value city did nothing! Then drawers fell out! The my matress now is slanted in my bed! I ‘m sleeping slanted and a matress that is caving in! the head board is cracking. Its hard for me to get out of bed! o I sleep on my couch! So before anyone buys some valucity better think again. now I must try to save my money to buy a bed and mattress from another store! They also expected a disabled and a senior citzen to put the matress in a bag and take of thenew matress with te bags and haul it out to the truck. value city ripped me off for one thousand dollars.

plainfield, Indiana United States of America

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By Ronald

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