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In December 2014 I brought my 2012 vehicle to the Tonawanda shop. My family and I had been very happy overall with the service for years. They estimated repairs for my brakes. Front and back pads, replace front and back rotors . In April I brought my vehicle bank because the brakes were squealing so badly. I was told they needed to upgrade the new pads and I had to pay again 50.00. I was very angry. I knew this was wrong. They knew I’d already spent 800.00 on new brakes. I was told if I wanted the problem to go away, I had to pay. Yesterday, I brought my vehicle in AGAIN. Squealing very loudly. Now I was told the right front caliper was bad. I told them they needed to make this right. This whole experience was completely wrong, unfair, disturbing. As a family we have spent about 17k in business over the last few years. No one cared. I asked to speak with the owner, Tom Shea. I was told he will not do anything. The acting manager, while being polite, said he would credit me the cost of the pads I was forced to upgrade a few months before approx 50.00. ..He told me cost of calipers was at first 120.00. Then continued to up the price until suddenly they were about 175.00. I called my dealership, told them the extortion occurring. They had me bring over my vehicle to be looked at. There is no problem with the caliper. The sealing is still happening. The two mechanics, and auto parts store all had the same response about the work, and ethics of this company…extremely cheap parts, unfair business practices. I am upset, my brakes still are sqealing, and I would like a call and a positive resolution . .

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