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Luis had given me a purchase order for the amount of $35,500 for molding services for my invention on July 12th 2017. The estimated time was 4 weeks to be completed with molds and samples. I additionally purchased 5,000 units, and colors needed for the product, making a total of $43,100 paid in full. All of this is documented through email, receipts, phone conversations, and text messages. Luis first told me they were running behind on the molds, making it an additional few weeks as new molds need to be tinkered with. I gave him the benefit of the doubt because it seems legitimate as the molds need to be tested and calibrated if needed. As the end of August approaches I feel as though he should be able to pull this through all together. Still no sample, he keeps telling me samples should be done next week. Week after week he keeps saying the same thing. “You will receive samples next week”” and “”We will sample tomorrow and send you them for next day air”” were the most common phrases he would say through email and phone. Moving into mid September

he decided to tell me that he should have been more honest with me and that his mold maker had gotten into a motorcycle accident back in August

and that the lead times were now heavily delayed. Are you kidding me? He really could not be honest with me

a customer who fronted $43

100 paid in full and now decides to tell me? He still has not even delivered a sample. Going back and forth with his excuses that he is still testing them

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By Ronald

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