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We got suckered into going to the vacation seminar. They said it would only take 90 minutes was actually over two hours.nThey put on a good show. 4 of the 5 couples bought into the program. This was on a Thursday. (Mistake #1) I paid $6300 for the two premium weeks program. (Mistake #2) They said I would receive a call from their agents the next day or two providing my user code. THEY NEVER CALLED. I called them on Saturday afternoon, and received my user code. I went to the web site to check out the deals and prices. I soon found out there was a catch with every deal. Mainly limited vacation sites and dates available.n(Smart move#1) I wrote a cancellation letter and sent it certified mail within the three day cancellation period. The salesman, when asked at the seminar, about the cancellation window said he did not know anything about it.nSmart move #2 I contacted my credit card company and faxed the letter to them.nAbout a week later I received a call from the president of vacation smart ( at least that was what he said). He offered me a refund of $3800 to keep the membership, saying I had nothing to loose because they already had the cancellation letter. I said I would have to talk it over with my wife. I received an email three days later stating they had refunded the $3800. I replied to refund the additional $2500. Checked with the credit card company, they did not receive any refund. Got a call today from some other head of vacation smart. He said that they would not refund the $2500 because it was a cancellation of the original cancellation. A lot of double talk.n Bottom line nAfter many attempts to evaluate Vacation Smart. I canceled the entire membership. They were unable to provide an acceptablenVacation condo or hotel room at Myrtel Beach. After 45 minutes being put on hold three times they could not find any rooms or condos at a savings below the Internet prices. THEY ARE VERY SKILLED THIEVES BEWARE!

Torrence, California United States of America

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