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On September 16, 2011, I was contacted by representative from Vacation Property Marketing, Inc.nconcerning selling and or renting my timeshare. The sales pitch that ensued seemed very promising and legite. nI understood that VPM would market my timeshare to upcoming conferences, conventions, etc. being held in the Las Vegas area. I understood there would be a marketing fee. nThat fee was explained to total $1000. I questioned other relevant information necessary to make nan informed decision. In addition, I searched additional information on the VPM website. nAll information, customer reviews seemed positive. I committed to paying only half of the $1000 nmarketing fee. The remaining $500 would be paid once the timeshare was rented or sold.nI have had extreme difficulty in contacting personnel at VPM. When contact was made to nVPM customer service rep. Victoria Thomas she stated that the property was still being advertised nbut no offers.nCalled back a week later customer service rep. by the name of Mike stated the property was still active but no offers. He suggested lowering the rental cost to which I agreed.nSince September 16, 2011, I have had not one, repeat not one call from VPM to inform me of nthe status of my agreement with them. I have called numerous times only to get a voicemail nstating staff is on another call, leave message. It is now August 10, 2012 and still nothing.

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