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Was conned into buying into Vacation Privileges program to get rid of maintenance fees associated with our timeshare. Sounded like a good idea at the time. Was promised amazing accommodations for a fraction of retail. And an annual fee of $99 vs $1500. So we signed up. Tried to do some research while there. Very high pressure. Of course the internet on my smartphone was blocked. Should have been my first clue. Did some research afte we signed up and found nothing good. But was hopeful. Got home, expecting our “welcome packet”” with user name and password. Nothing came. Went back to resort 2 months later and confronted sales person Charlie. He promised we’d have our information. We didn’t get it. A month later we called. Customer service said they’d look into it. No response. I demanded my money back. Suddenly got a call with usere name and password. After almost 6 months! When looking at what they offer

prices are HIGHER than retail! I was promised $300/week

$400/week accommodations because of my membership. More like $300 a night! They are criminals who lure people with the promise of getting rid of timeshare fees and give you something so much worse. And they want me to surrender my timeshare! I want my $5709 back! I want these people out of business”

scottsdale, Arizona USA

(602) 824-5997

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By Ronald

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