Vacation Paadise Rewards Homeland California Review


I feel I have been cheated, and lied to when I went to Vacation Paradise Rewards seminar on 8/16/09. I guess the old saying goes if it sounds to good to be true be careful. I wasn’t and believed what they said. So I figured I could go on a trip and pay next to nothing. They gave me $4,000.00 Condominium Rewards, $3,000.00 hOTEL rEWARDS, AND $3,000.00 Cruise Rewards. So for three years I accumalated my points so I could go somewhere nice for little expense. Wrong I have been trying to call and get an answering machine and no return calls.I have so many numbers that I called and can’t get to there office. I went to Desert Hot Springs where I signed up and they said they used that place only for there seminar. But the agreement I signed with them gave the address as 10625 Palm drive, Desert Hot Springs, Ca. 92240. and the gentleman I talked to gave me a phone number in Las Vegas but when I called got the same thing an answeing service. It took me weeks to get my sofeware and book on how to look up different resorts etc. When I tried to talk to them they said I had to go through Vacatiion Paradise. I seem to be going around in a circle. When I didn’t make my payment Universal Account Servicing they were going to put me in for collection and said I couldn’t cancell. I called them again today and told them my problem and there again am waiting for someone to call me back. Already I have paid the date of sale $1,049.00 and make payments of $115.06 that figures to about $2,946.56. And for what? If they were a legitimate business where is there office where its says we can reach them from 9Am to 9PM and on Sat. & Sunday’s. I can’ seem to. I feel not only me has been ripped off but where can we get Justice? I would like to know.

10625 Palm Drive, Desert Hot Springs, California United States of America



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By Ronald

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